Yasuki Keirohime was a courtier-ko of the Crab Clan.

Writer Edit

Yasuki Keirohime was a poet and artisan within the city of Toshi Ranbo who had an extreme interest in the Iweko Dynasty, most specifically Iweko Miaka. Keirohime used to write romantic poetry, particularly of the Renga variety. [1]

Winter Court - 1199 Edit

In 1199 Keirohime attended Imperial Winter Court at Toshi Ranbo, becoming the Scribe of the Imperial Princes. [2] Eventually, she fell in court victim of the machinations which were devised there by the Crane, in their attempt to undermine the Otomo. [3]

Falling in Love Edit

During her time at winter court Keirohime had fallen in love with Iweko Miaka. She kept secret her true feelings, and was betrothed to Agasha Kyokuta, and her beloved to Bayushi Karyudo. [2]

Tale of the Secret Heart Edit

Keirohime gained recognition with her first play, the Tale of the Secret Heart, which became a popular Pillow Book. It was clear to anyone who read it and who was in the Imperial Winter Court what hero this described, an Hiruma. [2]

Iron Blossom Edit

After winter court Keirohime began to write her second play, the Iron Blossom. The title was chosen after the nickname used by Keirohime to refer to Miaka, and it depicted the unsettling events that happened during the Devil Chase, revealing Seppun Asagako, yojimbo to her beloved, as an oni. Eventually Karyudo met Keirohime, telling her that she would kept in Miaka's entourage when the Princess join the Bayushi, to ensure that the story of their great love was laid down. [2]


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