Yasuki Kappako was a merchant of the Crab Clan at Kalani's Landing, in charge to gather jade for their clan's never-ending war with the Shadowlands. He clashed with Daidoji Iyashi, who was eager to acquire jade for his merchant patron Doji Chonitsu. Yoritomo Hokare had also sometimes gotten into mercantile tussles with both Daidoji Iyashi and Yasuki Kappako. [1] Kappako was reputed as the more skillful, but Iyashi was by far the richer, and was rumored to have sponsors in the Second City. [2]

Appearance Edit

Kappako was a skinny, sallow-faced man with narrow, piercing eyes who lived in a small house in the town's dock district. He gave the impression of a nervous, scatterbrained man; however, he was quite shrewd. [3]

Jade Mine Edit

A prospector working for Yasuki Kappako discovered an Ivory Kingdoms jade mine in the jungle-shrouded hills outside Kalani's Landing. The news of its discovery leaked, and Daidoji Iyashi set out to sabotage Kappako and claimed control of the mine. He hired a group of ronin to pose as bandits and terrorized anyone working at the mine. The local magistrate Miya Ichiko refused to offer him any assistance with the bandit problem. Hokare joined efforts with Kappako arranging assistance from outside the area to share the profits of the jade mine. [4]


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