Yasuki Kaneko 
Yasuki Kaneko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Died after return:
Titles: Kolat Master

Yasuki Kaneko was a courtier in her first life and Kolat Master.

The dates of her first life are unknown and it is also not know if she came from the Crab or Crane. Since her return from Oblivion's Gate she did not join her former clan.

Kolat Master Edit

Kaneko was a small child, and while her brothers sought to become powerful in court Kaneko studied the ways of poison, treason and guile. Her skills in these fields led her to become a Kolat Master. [1]

Disappearance Edit

After being implicated in a minor scandal her enemies plotted to destroy her, but she was able to escape. Only seventeen years old, she was forced into hiding, and became an assassin herself, earning the nickname The Black Knife. For years rumors persisted of her exploits until some stories eventually claimed that she had disappeared into the Burning Sands and married a powerful lord there. [1]

Return Edit

Kaneko returned through Oblivion's Gate in 1133 and joined the Heroes of Rokugan. She became friends with Morito during the War of Spirits, and when a dispute broke out about the succession of the Yasuki family she moved to Ox lands to avoid becoming involved. She was allowed to live there by Morito, and took up residence in a wealthy home in a town in the eastern Ox lands, [2] known as the Kaneko Estate. Since her return Kaneko had taken several high-profile lives for the Kolat, each replaced with one of their doppelgangers after the fact. [3]

Attack Edit

In 1159, a murderer was killing returned spirits. A group was dispatched by Hantei Naseru to investigate, and their investigation led them to Kaneko in Ox lands. Four members of the group, Kijuro, Toritaka Akemi, Utaku Yu-Pan and Moshi Kakau, arrived just in time to prevent the assailant from killing Kaneko. The assailant fled, but now the group knew that the killer was in fact a man.[2] Kaneko then allowed Kijuro and his group to enjoy her hospitality out of gratitude, but within four hours of the attack the group were on the trail of the assassin. [4] The assassin was later to revealed to be none other than Gusai, another returned spirit. [5]

Final Fate? Edit

In 1170 the Scorpion Clan sent an army which wiped out the Kolat from the Ox lands, and destroyed the Hidden Temple. Since the Scorpion purge, the Kaneko Estate remained but it was not confirmed if Kaneko had been killed. [3]

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