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Yasuki Kameyoi 
Yasuki Kameyoi 
Born: Unknown 
Siblings: Un-named sister 
Spouse: Yasuki Tono

Shosuro Kameyoi was a courtier of the Scorpion Clan who married into the Crab as Yasuki Kameyoi.

Family Edit

Kameyoi had a sister, and her father was a member of the Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Nitoshi's entourage. [1]

Seductress Edit

Kameyoi was a minor courtier in the Imperial City, Toshi Ranbo, where she was appointed in 1197. [2] Kameyoi was considered a seductress, [3] to make men fell in love with her, then gain information from them. She first approached Yasuki Tono in court, in hopes of using him as a means to gain access to one of his superiors. Tono was a man of stoic demeanor who masked his keen sense of humor and his incredible, driving ambitions. He fell into her trap, but eventually Kameyoi also fell in love with him. [4] They exchanged love letters when Tono was sent to the Colonies. [1]

Betrothed Edit

Her superior Shosuro Rokuta learned of Kameyoi's feelings when he intercepted some of her personal correspondence. In 1199 Rokuta summoned her, and sent Kameyoi to the Second Festering Pit, expecting she would have that life that she wished, and continue serving the Scorpion in the process. Bayushi Tarou was appointed as her yojimbo. Eventually there was an endeavor that required a collaboration with the Crab. It was needed to be a marriage to seal the agreement, and Kameyoi was betrothed to Tono. [2]

Crab Clan Edit

Eventually she married with Tono, and joined her husband's family as Yasuki Kameyoi. Her husband had been given stewardship over the Crab's holdings near the Second Festering Pit, and they lived in the Pit's Edge village. Tono brought any resource available to bear for the effort of defending against incursions from the Second Pit, while Kameyoi hosted the visitors to the village, passing any valuable information she gathered to her former Clan. [5]

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