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Yasuki Kaito 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1200

Yasuki Kaito was a merchant of the Crab Clan.

Colonies Edit

Kaito was a successful merchant patron who was appointed in the Colonies to his dismay. He eventually knew that a more powerful merchant, Yasuki Shika, had maneuvered to have him sent in her stead. Kaito was a low-ranking functionary in the Crab delegation at the Second City, in charge of managing the embassy's resources and supplies. His childhood ambition was became a cook and he spent time to learn the art of food preparation. [1]

Seeking Revenge Edit

Kaito ventured into the colonial markets for some of the more unusual food items seeking exotic new poisons that the magistrates back home would have a very hard time tracing. He was thinking to take revenge through a spot of blackmail, a commercial attack, or straight murder. [2]

Death Edit

In the year 1200 Kaito was at Toshi Ranbo. Alongside a group of other samurai he fought the assassins who attempted to silence the Voice of the Empress, Hida Kozan. The assailants were routed, but not before Ikoma Katsuro, Kitsuki Miroken, and Kaito died during the fight. [3] He took three men with him when he died. [4]

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