Yasuki Funtaru was a courtier of the Crab Clan.

Shadowlands Sympathizer Edit

Funtaru believed the Shadowlands would be the winning side in their struggle against Rokugan, and he decided to join it. He used his smuggling contacts to aid maho-tsukai and supported the cause of the Shadowlands throughout the Empire. His agents set the fire in the warehouse where Yasuki Fuchiko stored her supplies of Tea of Jade Petals in Clear Water Village. Funtaru had recovered seven Black Pearls of Fu Leng and with the assistance of a corrupt craftsman named Kano Ichara, he would use them to sow fear and discord in the Empire. Ichara devised special Puzzle Boxes, which had no solution, so the person trying to solve the box suffered the evil effects of the pearl within. Five boxes were made and the first became mad his holder, who killed his entire family. [1]

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