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Born: Unknown 
Died: 2nd century 
Children: Yasuki Torikago 
Titles: Yasuki family Founder

Yasuki was the wisewoman who in the year 24 [1] aided Kakita in his quest to marry Lady Doji. Kakita found her in a small fishing village at the site of where Yufuku and Heigen Toshi stands today. In return for her aid her son, Yasuki Torikago married Kakita's twin sister Kakita Kiyamori. [2] [3]

Yasuki family Edit

Kakita offered Yasuki and her sons a place within the Crane Clan. [1] Blessed by the Heavens for her kindness and wisdom, Yasuki lived over a hundred years. [4] A shrine honoring her was built at Yasuki Yashiki. [5]

External Links Edit

Preceded by:
Yasuki Daimyo
24 - 2nd century
Succeeded by:


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