Created by: Asahina Yajinden
First used by: Bayushi Gonasu
Currently in the possession of: Mirumoto Kenzo

The sword Ambition was the third of the four Bloodswords [1] forged by Asahina Yajinden in 508 on the Anvil of Despair. It was also known as Yashin [2] and Iyoku. [3] [4]

Abilities Edit

Ambition called upon specific desires in a samurai's heart: aspiration and avarice. [5] When the bearer saw a person of less worth than himself with higher social status Ambition driven him to act against this individual. It could be a direct attack or the bearer might choose to bide his time and plan an attack more carefully. [6] The blade possesed a sense of honor that the others did not. Of all the blades, only Yashin sought to redeem itself. [7] The blade had a fierce blue gleam when wielding in combat. [8]

The Suspicious Gift Edit

Ambition 1


Ambition was given to the Scorpion Clan Champion, Bayushi Rikoji in the year it was forged. Rikoji did not trust the sword, however, and never touched it. After the deaths of the Crab Clan Champion, Lion Clan Champion and Crane Clan Champion, he became even more suspicious of the sword's origin and dispatched the Magistrate Soshi Takasho to find Yajinden. [9]

First and second wielders Edit

Bayushi Gonasu wielding Ambition led a senseless attack on the Lion Clan to increase the Scorpion territory. Shosuro Nobane was forced to put him down before his army could move through Beiden Pass. The second was the first female Scorpion Champion, Bayushi Hajeko who used Ambition to murder her father, the current Scorpion Champion. Hajeko lasted nearly seventeen hours [5] before being dethroned as a usurper. [6]

The Coup Edit

The sword laid unused, locked in the depths of Kyuden Bayushi under guardianship of Bayushi Baku, even after his death, until 1123. Bayushi Shoju left the Clan Sword behind and took up the bloodsword, [10] and executed his plans to capture the Imperial Capital Otosan Uchi and kill the Emperor Hantei XXXVIII. [2] It was believed that Ambition could conceal itself to all but the wielder, which allowed Bayushi Shoju to carry it into the throne room without anyone noticing. [11]

Shattered Edit

Shoju Cleaves the Throne

Shoju cleaving Ambition into the Emerald Throne

Ambition was shattered during Shoju's confrontation with Toturi at the climax of the Scorpion Coup. During the fight, Toturi was overmatched by Shoju, but Shoju realized that although his actions started out with the best of intentions, Ambition had corrupted him. In anguish, he thrust Ambition into the Imperial Throne and twisted. The blade shattered into tiny fragments, painting the walls of the throne room red with spewing blood from all of its victims. After breaking the blade, while Shoju was distracted, he was killed by Toturi I. [11]

The Shards of Ambition Edit

Broken Sword of the Scorpion

The Broken Sword of the Scorpion

After the breaking of Ambition, Bayushi Kachiko used some of the shards as hair pins, until the Second Day of Thunder when she stabbed Fu Leng in the eyes with them. [12] [13]

Sanzo's Wakizashi Edit

In 1132 Sanzo discovered the majority of the shards within the empty halls of Kyuden Bayushi and reforged them into a wakizashi, attempting to assassinate Toturi with it in 1133. [14] [15] After he left Toturi wounded, he left the village, called Village in the Valley, but gave to a townsfolk one of the remaining shards that were not used in the making of the wakizashi. The man was afraid of the voices he heard every time he touched the steel pieces and buried them, wrapped in cloth. [2]

Tsukune and the Masters Edit

After the death of Sanzo the wakizashi was given by Ryoshun to Shiba Tsukune who was compelled by it to raise her voice against the Elemental Masters. [16]

Cleaving their meeting table in half she demanded a sixth place at the table, [17] only to be calmed down by the masters and the wakizashi taken from her and placed in Gisei Toshi. [16]

A shard of Ambition Edit

In 1165 Mirumoto Mareshi, a Nemuranai Seeker, reached the Village in the Valley and obtained one of the shards. [2]

Siege of Gisei Toshi Edit

Mirumoto Kenzo acquired it during the Siege of Gisei Toshi in 1165. [18]

Wielders of Ambition Edit

Ambition 2


External Links Edit

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The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
In Age of the Lotus fiction [19] it is said Ambition was first delivered to Bayushi Gonasu.


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