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Yari of Air
Yari of Air
Created by: Iuchi Yogosha and Asako Shingon
First used by: Daidoji Tsumerai
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The Yari of Air was one of the Elemental Nemuranai created by Iuchi Yogosha and Asako Shingon in 1127 with the Oracles of Light guidance during the Clan War. [1] [2]

Abilities and Appearance Edit

The yari was completely invisible to all but the person holding it. As the air kami surrounded the bearer, they offered great protection against ranged attacks and spells. [3] To the eyes of its owner, it appeared to be a magnificent yari, [4] with a shaft of silver-grey wood and a razor-sharp steel head engraved with intricate representations of wind, clouds, and lightning. [5]

Crafting Edit

For months Yogosha and Shingon sought out the perfect location for each Elemental Weapon to be crafted. [6] They found the correct place in a valley near the Castle of the Faithful Bride. [7] For days, Shingon coaxed the kami to occupy the item, slowly infusing it with the essence of an element. Then Yogosha would use his knowledge of Meishodo to erode the object's true name while Shingon contained the kami. The two worked in tandem to craft a katana, a set of armor, a gunsen, a yari, and the last, a mempo, the one of the Void element. To finish the creation of the last nemuranai, they both concluded they would have to give their lives. With that sacrifice the balance was restored between dark, the Elemental Terrors, and light, the Elemental Nemuranai. [8]

Delivered Edit

In 1127 the yari appeared to Daidoji Tsumerai. The young Crane had been the only surviving man after the forces of the False Hoturi ambushed his unit. Tsumerai, having lost his weapon during combat, picked up the strange-looking yari and made his way out. The Earth Elemental Terror, Jimen no Oni, chased him, but eventually Tsunerai escaped aided by a group of samurai. [9]

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