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Created by: Unknown
First used by: Osano-Wo
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

Yamigatai, also known as the Armor of Osano-Wo, was used by Osano-Wo during his military campaign against the Trolls. It was blessed by his mother, the Dragon of Thunder.

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Yamigatai was a ligther armor than the Armor of the Shadow Warrior, the armor Osano-Wo would usually wear. It increased the wearer's resistance against maho spells, and imbodied its bearer with will and strength. [1]

Unknown Wielder Edit

Around the time of the Scorpion Coup it was worn by one whose soul carried thunder. [2] Some believed this to have been Yoritomo or Otaku Kamoko. [citation needed]

Known Wielders Edit

External Links Edit


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