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Born: (c. 1174
Parents: Two un-named members of the Order of Venom

Yamazaki was a monk and kensai of the Order of Venom of the Spider Clan.

Born in the Colonies Edit

Yamazaki 2


In 1173 after the end of the Destroyer War Iweko elevated the Spider as a Great Clan, but their tainted members began the Spider's exodus to the Ivory Kingdoms, where they would claim their lands in the name of the Empire. [1] His parents, both members of the Order of Venom, bore him in the Second City within a year of its original founding, and Yamazaki had never visited Rokugan since. He was fascinated by visitors from the Empire and often requested to be in their personal honor guard. [2]

War of Serpents Edit

Assault in the Jungle

Assault in the Jungle

In 1198 alongside Daigotsu Nizaru, Daigotsu Murota, and others, were patrolling the jungle. They investigated a temple which had appeared from nowhere. They were attacked by Dark Naga. Murota and Yamazaki were the only ones left. [1] Yamazaki had more occasions to fight the serpent-like enemy. [3]

Siege of the Second City Edit

Yamazaki used any of the events that happened during the Siege of the Second City to indoctrinate the heimin of the Second City.  He suggested that all were obligated to worship the so-called Dark Fortunes. [4]

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