Yamasura (D6)

Yamasura (D6) in the Sabishii province, [1] was the sister city of Heibeisu, and the location for most of the Dragon Clan's trade with the western Empire, including the Unicorn and Lion Clan. The widely spaced city sat on a flat plain among the high mountains. Since the War of the Rich Frog the city had seen a noticeable decrease in trade. [2]

Notable Locations Edit

Magistrate Outpost Edit

Yamasura boasted a modest castle with guest quarters. [3] The magistrate outpost in the city held a shrine to Kakita, the First Emerald Champion, and the two founders of the Emerald Magistrates. Smaller alcoves in the shrine are set aside for noteworthy magistrates who died in service while stationed at the outpost. [4]

Trading Grounds Edit

The only trading grounds in Tamori lands was known as Yamasura Market. It was the only public area to reliably procure the potions and explosives of the Dragon arts of Kagaku and Hanabi. [4]

History Edit

Magistrate Center Edit

Yamasura was the gathering place of many of the Emerald Magistrates after the death of the Emerald Champion Doji Satsume in 1123. Local bandits learned to give the city a wide berth, and although the magistrates moved on some time ago the city was relatively safe. [2] The magistrates had been led to the mountain city by Seppun Shiriko, making Yamasura a makeshift base of operations for a slowly growing group of like-minded magistrates through the Clan War until they eventually rallied under the banner of Toturi. [4]

Blood Hunt Edit

In 1166 several murders happened, as part of a bloodspeaker action during the Blood Hunt. [5]

War of Dark Fire Edit

In 1171 the city was attacked, but the Lion and Crab forces, aided by Scorpion ambushers defeated them. Yasamura sustained significant losses but it did not fall. [6]


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