Yamainu was a ronin assassin.

"When I face a man and let him live, it hurts my reputation. A man like me lives and dies by his reputation."
-Yamainu [1]

Hantei Naseru Edit

Yamainu had occasionally worked for Hantei Naseru. [1]

Naseru would not make Yamainu his Underhand because he would not die for him. He could kill, yes, with great enthusiasm and proficiency. But dying for him was not in his nature. [2]

Advice to Kaneka Edit

Naseru used the assassin to stage an assasination attempt on the Shogun. [1] Akodo Kaneka was attacked in his chambers by three assassins, two died upon Shogun's blade and the leader, the concealed Yamainu, fled. Kaneka guessed the attack was not a real attempt to take his life, it would be only a message instead, and he was able to trace back the message from his half-brother, Naseru. [3]

City of the Lost Edit

Naseru had got how to reach to the City of the Lost, and sent Yamainu to scout the way. [1] He studied the corrupted wasteland [4] and sent a map to Naseru concealed inside a sake bottle which shown the way to the City of the Lost. [5]

Toturi III Edit

Rising of the Gozoku Edit

In 1166 Naseru was already the Emperor Toturi III, and new threats raised to him. Seppun Toshiaki, the leader of the Hidden Guard, had been arrogant with the Emperor and his words reeked of self interest. Naseru ordered Yamainu to carefuly investigate him. [6] Toshiaki was a Gozoku member and Naseru realized how deeply the conspiracy influence had spread. [7]

Seppun Toshiaki Edit

Eventually the Emperor ordered Toshiaki's assassination. He was murdered by Yamainu with his trademark dagger in 1167, after the Leader of the Hidden Guard embarrassment at the funeral of Toku. He had become useless to his masters and was being made an example of what would happen to the other Gozoku conspirators. [8]

Equipment Edit

Yamainu's Dagger

Yamainu's Dagger

Yamainu used to kill with his dagger. [9]

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