Mountain of the Seven Thunders

Mountain of the Seven Thunders

The Mountain of the Seven Thunders (DD) was located in the Spine of the World Mountains, [1] and it was the tallest mountain in Rokugan. [2]

Name Edit

Mountain of the Seven Thunders 2

Mountain of the Seven Thunders (DD)

It was named after the Seven Thunders who followed Shinsei into the Shadowlands to defeat Fu Leng. A shrine, the Cave of Thunder, in their memory was maintained here by the Brotherhood of Shinsei. [3] [4] Each of the heroes was carved onto the face of the mountain. [5]

Legend Edit

It was said Amaterasu gave birth to her children on its hillside, that from its snowy peak one could see the land from which Shinsei came, and also it was seen the bridge to the land of the Celestial Court. [6]

Kitsu race Edit

It was said the mountain was once the home of the Kitsu race. [7]

Brotherhood of Shinsei Edit

The Brotherhood of Shinsei built the Shrine of the Seven Thunders [8] in memory of them who fought against Fu Leng in the Day of Thunder. [9] Only one road led to the peak of the mountain, taking nearly a week to traverse, covered with carvings of the Thunders of myth, made with the tireless labor of the monks. [6]

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