Yakamo's Claw 
Yakamo's Claw
Created by: Yakamo no Oni
First used by: Hida Yakamo
Currently in the possession of: Unused

Yakamo's Claw was a powerful weapon of the Shadowlands, once worn by the corrupt Hida Yakamo during the Clan War.

History Edit

Hida Yakamo Edit

During the Clan War, the Crab clan was tempted into an alliance with the Shadowlands by the traitorous and vile Kuni Yori. As a part of Hida Kisada's bargain, his son Yakamo accepted a fiendish metallic claw to replace the hand he had lost in a duel with Mirumoto Hitomi. Unknown to Yakamo, this claw was part of a terrible Oni that eventually took the crab hero's name, Oni Lord Yakamo no Oni. [1]

Yakamo eventually tore the claw from his arm and destroyed it with the power of the Jade Hand, but the evil of the claw persisted. When Yakamo later ascended to the Celestial Heavens as the new Lord Sun, he commissioned the Fortune of Steel to create the Celestial Swords for the Clan Champions, and so did Yakamo no Oni forge a new claw to be given to mortals. [2]

Yasuki Nokatsu Edit

Preparing the Edge

Dark Oracle of Earth, Yasuki Nokatsu, with the Claw

For a time, this claw was worn by Yasuki Nokatsu, the Dark Oracle of Earth. When the Oracles retreated from humanity, Nokatsu left the claw behind. It dwelled in a shadowy cave where Nokatsu once lived, awaiting a new master. [2] [3]

Third Rise of Iuchiban Edit

Iuchiban knews of the Claw's existence, but he ordered his Bloodspeakers not to use it, fearing the Claw would make a pawn of its user. Sentinels guarded the cave at all time, to deny the nemuranai to any servant of Daigotsu. [2]

The Claw's Abilities Edit

Yakamo no Oni could see and hear everything the claw's user did, and reported directly back to Fu Leng. The Claw was immensely strong and radiates taint. Yakamo's Claw could be used by an individual missing a hand, who pressed the claw's empty socket to the stump. [2]

Known Wielders Edit

External Links Edit


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