Yajinden's Scrolls were one of three documents known as the Forbidden Scrolls, the writings of perhaps the most infamous of Iuchiban's servants, the dread artificer Yajinden. Like many shugenja, the scholarly Yajinden kept meticulous notes. [1]

Content Edit

They included the bloodspeakers version of history, including spells, diaries, and witness accounts. It began after Iuchiban's entombment, the days of the Battle of Sleeping River, the revenge of the cult against the Hantei. The scrolls includes a mention of the Circle of Five and its original membership, but they gave no clues to current cells, members, or leaders. [2]

History of the scrolls Edit

These scrolls were thought destroyed in battle that laid Iuchiban low the first time, but they were instead collected by the Council of Five and brought to Gisei Toshi. They had remained in the Temple of Ebisu for centuries as the Isawa sought to undo the Bloodsword's influence. None had had the bravado or recklessness to study the scrolls for more than a week before refusing to go further. [1]

The Yajinden scrolls were far less detailed and reliable with regards to maho than the Iuchiban Scrolls. [3]


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