Yobanjin Wyrm

A Yobanjin riding a Wyrm

Wyrms were massive serpentine beasts that resembled ryu or orochi. They existed outside of Rokugan and were commonly used as flying mounts by Yobanjin chieftains. [1]

Yobanjin creation Edit


Wyrm and Rider

The wyrms were creations of Yobanjin magic, abominations made from Ryu. [2] Whereby the barbarian sorcerers summoned a bit of the elements into an amulet, and then shackled the wyrm to obey the will of the wearer of the amulet. It the amulet was destroyed, the wyrm ceased to exist. [3] Barring that, a wyrm could only perish if it was physically slain. [4]

Legends Edit

According the legends described in the Kjornid, the wyrm were creatures that predated the Yobanjin. Muhonarak, the first Ogre, fought the earliest children of the wyrms hundreds years before the Fall of the Kami. [5]

Magic resistance Edit

The Phoenix Clan found the wyrm possesed a resistance against magic, and suffered when the yobanjin attacked them riding the beasts. [6] After the Fall of Shiro Tamori, where many wyrms died under the molten lava of Tamori's Furnace, the Dragon recovred the bones of these beats, and found they were metallic. Dragon smiths crafted a new weapon, the Wyrmbone Katana, and used it against the Wyrms, which lose some of the speed and strenght to those samurai armed with such katana. [7]

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