Wrath of the Kami

Wrath of the Kami volcano and shrine

Wrath of the Kami Shrine was several buidings that followed in a semi circle the lip of the volcano Wrath of the Kami. It held paintings depicting the life of Tamori, as well as the Dragon's Heart Dojo. [1] [2] The site was considered one of the most holy places for the Tamori family. The magma represented the power of the Earth that the family drew strength from. [3]

The Furnace Edit

Within one of the buildings was a path that led down to a natural chamber toward the center of the mountain, the furnace. Inside it was visible the magma of the volcano. Powerful nemuranai were brought there by the Nemuranai Seekers and destroyed in a complex ritual, releasing the kami inside them. The spirits were destroyed by the shugenja and some of them were bound to the performing shugenja, increasing his magical abilities, [4] but making him not completely human anymore. [3]


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