Tamori's Furnace

Wrath of the Kami

The Wrath of the Kami (D14), in the Kinenkan province, [1] was a volcano that dominated the Tamori family's lands, visible for miles in every direction.

Spirits Edit

Wrath of the Kami 2

Wrath of the Kami (D14)

The spirits that dwelled the volcano were called Kami's Vengeance, a name that amused them. [2]

Locations Edit

Shrine Edit

At the lip of the volcano were a series of buildings housed the Wrath of the Kami Shrine, which held paintings depicting the life of Tamori, as well as the Dragon's Heart Dojo, which trained Tamori Shugenja who wished to carry on the work of the Agasha family. [3] [4]

Furnace Edit

A passage opened up into a great chamber where the seething magma of the volcano rolled and boiled under the surface of the mountain's apex, the Tamori's Furnace. Nemuranai deemed too dangerous to exist was destroyed in a complex ritual within the Furnace, releasing the kami within the artifacts. [5]

History Edit

Dragon-Phoenix War Edit

Wrath of the Kami

Eruption of the Wrath of the Kami

In 1155 the volcano was coerced into erupting by the Dark Oracle of Fire Tamori, causing many refugees to flee into Phoenix lands, [6] which would lead to the start of the Dragon-Phoenix War in 1158. [7]

Nemuranai Edit

After the end of the war the volcano was used by the Dragon Nemuranai Seekers to throw in his crater the Nemuranai they could not identify, to destroy them. [8] [9] As a result the volcano was surrounded by volitile kami and the practice of magic nearby was very dangerous. [7]

War of Dark Fire Edit

In 1171 the Asahina Daimyo Asahina Beniha communed with the spirits of the volcano through the Talisman of Yume-do. The Dark Oracle, currently Chosai, had sent the Army of Fire to awake the volcano again. Beniha convinced the kami to unleash their wrath against the yobanjin. [2]

Fall of Shiro Tamori Edit

When Shiro Tamori came under yobanjin attack it the volcano was awakened by the Dragon to encase the castle in molten lava in order to destroy the Yobanjin forces within. [10]

Return of Chosai Edit

In 1172 Chosai returned to the Empire and awoke again the volcano. [11]


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