Lands beyond Rokugan

Lands beyond Rokugan

The planet or world containing Rokugan is called by the natives of the Emerald Empire Ningen-do, one of the Spirit Realms.

Continent Containing Rokugan and the Burning Sands Edit

According to the map in the Legend of the Burning Sands Roleplaying Game Book, the continent containg Rokugan and the Burning Sands portrayed with the Burning Sands in the north of that continent, with the empire of the Senpet at the very north end of the continent, bordering a great ocean that surrounds this particular continent to it's north and east. Rokugan itself is located more on the eastern end of the continent, with the Yobanjin located more toward the northeastern tip of the same continent, and the Shadowlands located at the southeastern tip of the continent. The empire of the Yodotai is located more toward the northern and northwestern areas of the same continent, and the Ivory Kingdoms are located in the southern end of the continent, bordering a sea to the immediate south.

The western end of the continent remains a mystery to both fictional Rokugani and to real-world players of the L5R roleplaying game, but it can been assumed that the Kami Shinjo and the Unicorn Clan (then known and the Ki-Rin Clan) had reached the western end of the continent during their nearly 800 years of exile from the Emerald Empire.

Continent containing Merenae and Thrane Edit

The nations of Merenae and Thrane are located on a different continent than that of Rokugan and the Burning Sands. Since it is mentioned that Unicorn Clan Moto family members had reached Menerae during their clan's exile from Rokugan, and that a plague originating from the Senpet Empire had decimated the population of this continent, it can be assumed this continent is to the north, northeast, or east of Rokugan's continent.

Other ContinentsEdit

The world or planet of Rokugan may possibly have other continents, but it remains a mystery. It is possible that the Mantis Clan and the Tortoise Clan have sent sailing ships to these other continents, if they exist. One possibility is that Rokugan's continent is located within the "western" hemishpere of the planet, while these mysterious continent or continents are in the "eastern" hemisphere.

Perhaps one of these continents is Theah, the fictional continent from 7th Sea, another roleplaying game that used to be published by Alderac Entertainment Group, who also publish L5R.

Planet's Sun and Moon Edit

The world containg Rokugan, is a round, spherical planet like Earth, can easily be presumed to orbit a yellow dwarf star like Earth's Sun. Of course it is called Amaterasu by Rokugani, Shilah by people in the Burning Sands, and certainly different names by other gaijin.

Rokugan's world/planet, of course, has a single moon, similar to Luna (Earth's moon), which Rokugani call Onnotangu. [citation needed]