The World's Balance was a dojo located in Shiro Utaku that taught every non-martial but crucial skill regarding the care of horses.

Founding Edit

The dojo was established early on in the Ki-Rin Clan's trek beyond Rokugan's borders, after the Otaku family escaped from a cadre of sorcerers using a gaijin powerful horses. Otaku Hyuga tamed the headstrong beasts, becoming the companions of the Otaku Battle-Maidens. Many male Otaku joined the World's Balance to become groomsman, so that they might dedicate their lives to caring for and protecting the Otaku Steeds. [1]

Training Edit

The steed must be trained to listen to the orders of his rider and become accustomed to the sounds of battle. They also fed the horse, maintained its health, and tidied its appearance. Many of the graduates entered service inside the Utaku Stables. Students learned to mount a horse with a single leap, how to ride a horse using neither saddle nor reins, and how to stay mounted even under duress from enemies in battle, becoming masters of Ma-Do. [1]

Sensei Edit

There were two distinct schools that worked within the dojo; in the first members of the Hyuga family learned all the tasks required to maintain a horse, while in the second, known as the Moto Acrobat school, most often led by the Moto, taught horsemanship. [2]

Known Sensei Edit


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