The Workers of Flesh was a Bloodspeaker cell in the Crab lands founded by the infamous maho-tsukai Mohai a few years after the end of the War of Spirits. These cultists were very paranoid of detection because of their location in the Tea Village, within the Twilight Mountains in the middle of the Crab lands. It was only formed by eta workers, around twenty members. [1]

In a Brisk of Doom Edit

A desastrous attempt to extend their influence to Kyuden Hida was rewarded with the scouring of Kuni Witch Hunters in the Tea Village. The most disposable and most Tainted cultists flaunted their corruption, and were quickly executed by the Witch Hunters, who left the village. Tea Village was forgotten once more, which suited the quiet eta of the Workers of Flesh just fine. [2]

Known Techniques Edit

Known Members Edit


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