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Wolf's Wakizashi

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Wolf's Wakizashi
Created by: Kaiu weaponsmiths
First used by: Toturi Sezaru
Currently in the possession of: Unused at Kyuden Tonbo

The Wolf's Wakizashi was the wakizashi wielded by Toturi Sezaru, the Wolf. It was a beautiful blade that had been crafted by the finest Kaiu weaponsmiths. The hilt was decorated with symbols that evoked the magic of the Kitsu, Isawa, and Tamori families. [1]

Gift to the Dragonfly Edit

When the Wolf left for the Phoenix lands as Isawa Sezaru, he gifted the blade to the Dragonfly Clan Champion Tonbo Dayu who never wielded it. The Wolf's Wakizashi currently rested on the wall in Kyuden Tonbo's main audience chamber. [1]

Known Wielders Edit


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