Winter War 
Unicorn attacking Tattered Ear
Southern Unicorn lands,
Shinomen Forest
Date: 1168
Major Forces:
One Tribe
Shinjo Shono,
Battles of Rokugan

The Winter War was the last war the Nezumi participated in as a whole race.

Unicorn Genocide Edit

A series of misunderstandings between the Unicorn guarding the Naga ruins and the Tattered Ear Tribe living in the Shinomen Mori caused tensions between the two groups. The Khan Moto Chagatai [1] ordered to drive the nezumi from the Shinomen Mori. [2] Cavalry forces led by Moto Hideyo [3] attacked the Tattered Ear in the Shinomen Mori. [4] The tribe called the One Tribe in to help them, and reinforcements arrived to kill the riders. [5] The Unicorn were at a disadvantage in the Shinomen, because the forest terrain did not favored their cavalry tactics. [6]

Naga Edit

After the Nezumi began fighting with the Unicorn Clan, the decreased protection offered by the two allies of the Naga meant they required assistance elsewhere. The Qolsa, a Constrictor, awakened. He realized the Naga would have to defend themselves. [7]

Winter Warren Edit

Nezumi's Vengeance

Nezumi's Vengeance

The One Tribe relocated to their Winter Warren to prepare for the coming months. With their stronghold safe, they began their assault on the Southern Unicorn lands in 1168 in retribution for the previous attacks. [8]

Junghar Edit

The defense of the Unicorn was made with the Junghar led by Shinjo Shono. The Unicorn were already at war with the Lion and suffered from having too much territory to defend, and not enough forces to devote to such tasks. The nezumi used harrying tactics, attacking swiflty an pulling back before the Unicorn could respond. [9]

Visions of Tomorrow Edit

When the Realm of Dreams came under attack by mysterious creatures that resembled the Celestial Dragons, the One Tribe called a halt to the war and launched a campaign to save their past. If the Realm was destroyed their Transcendents would die, and the Nezumi would loose their entire past. [10]

Aftermath Edit

The war ended shortly before Tomorrow consumed most of the nezumi, so the reprecussions of the conflict with the Unicorn was left unresolved. [11]


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