Winter Court Kyuden Kakita

Winter Court: Kyuden Kakita Cover

Winter Court: Kyuden Kakita was the second of the three Winter Court books in the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game. It describes the occurrences at the Winter Court held in Kyuden Kakita in 1125, the second year of the reign of Hantei XXXIX

Credits Edit

  • Written by: Ree Soesbee, Rich Wulf and Shawn Carman
  • Additional Material by Rick Dakan, Patrick Kapera, Jim Pinto, Craig Folsom & Ramon Peña
  • Game System By: David Williams and John Wick
  • Art Direction: Jim Pinto
  • Cover Artwork: Cris Dornaus
  • Interior Artwork: Cris Dornaus, Carl Frank, Scott James, Daniel Moenster
  • Artwork Prepress: Brendon Goodyear
  • Line Developer: Ree Soesbee
  • Line Editor: D.J. Trindle
  • Editing: D.J. Trindle, Rob Vaux
  • Interior Layout: Brendon Goodyear, Steve Hough

Table of Contents Edit

Introduction (page 6)Edit

Chapter One: Dawn (page 12)Edit

Ronin Bushi

Ronin Bushi

  • Welcome Letter to the Winter Court by Doji Ameiko
  • A Dark Venom - Fiction with Doji Reju, Seppun Nakao and the arrival of Hida Kisada's forces to Ryoko Owari Toshi
  • Campaigns in Ancient Rokugan
  • Natural Disasters
    • Fortune's Wrath
    • Element's of Disaster
  • The Miya Family
    • The Duty of the Miya
    • The Role of the Miya
    • Lands of the Miya
    • History of the Miya
  • What It Means to be Ronin in Rokugan
  • Ronin
    • How One Becomes Ronin
    • What Do ronin Eat?
    • Where Do Ronin Sleep?
    • How Do ronin Find Work?
    • Who Are Their Friends?
    • The Ronin at the Court
    • Arriving in Court
    • The Treatment of Ronin in Court
    • What They Stand to Lose
    • What They Stand to Gain
    • The Afternath of Court

Chapter Two: Afternoon (page 36)Edit



Chapter Three: Night (page 54)Edit



Moto Bushi 3

Moto Bushi

Chapter Four: Epilogue (page 96)Edit

Miya Satoshi

Miya Satoshi

Otosan Uchi Districts After the Coup

Otosan Uchi Districts After the Scorpion Coup

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