A Transcendent

The Transcendent, "Those-Whose-Power-Shines-Brighter-Than-a-Thousand-Torches-and-Whose-Name-Stands-As-a-Great-Wall-Against-Tomorrow", was a term coined by the Kuni [1] to refer to the powerful spirits of enlightened nezumi dwelling deep in I'thich, the Realm of Dreams, who could see the future and the past. [2]

Becoming a Wikki'thich-hie Edit

The most powerful Nezumi Shamans never died, they left their corpses and became beings of pure Name. These spirits were able to talk with a Nezumi Shaman. [3] If a shaman was not ready to serve, his fellow Transcendents would forbid him from passing beyond the veil of death. He would remain alive until he was ready. This led to very old Shamans among the nezumi, such as Te'tik'kir. [4] In 1126 there were recorded seventy-eight Transcendents. [5]

Guidance Edit

When a Wikki'thich-hie contacted a nezumi for purposes of their own their demands were usually confused and through prophetic dreams, leading the nezumi to become a hero or to an ignominious doom. The contacted usually bode ill, so they fulfilled the ancestor's request as quickly as possible to send him away. [6]

Protection against the Taint Edit

The Wikki'thich-hie were the beings responsible for the famed Nezumi immunity to Taint. All Nezumi carried a little yumeji, the control exerted by Yume-do, with them, lending them both the immunity to Taint and drawing them to Yume-do for their afterlife. [7]

Creation of the Nezumi Race Edit

The Transcendent existed, while the Nezumi race did not yet. The Transcendent found that their destiny was to create themselves. The Transcendent saw the day when the Naga retreated from Ningen-do into their Great Sleep, leaving room for the Nezumi race to truly be born. The Transcendent found the ancestors of the Nezumi: large ratlike beasts of burden left behind by the Naga. Using powerful Name Magic, they gave one of these beasts the first Name. Thus began the Nezumi race. [7]

Known Wikki'thich-hie Edit

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