Wicked Moon

Wicked Moon

The Wicked Moon was a legendary Kindjal of the Assassins, the order of the Old Man of the Mountain. [1] It was handed down from mother to daughter, and countless murdered were counted with it. [2]

Appearance Edit

It was a dagger of curved razor with a simple black hilt ornate in one side with a silver crescent moon. [1]

Hassan Edit

It was the weapon used by Hassan al-Alamut, the Old Man of the Mountain, in his first murder. Since then it had been used in thousands of assassinations. [1]

Fatima Edit

In 1125 it was gifted by the Old Man to his daughter Fatima, after she succeeded while other of his daughters, Chandra, had failed. In 1132 Fatima used it to kill her father. [3]

Faida Edit

Somehow Faida, another of the Daughters of the Mountain, was the next wielder. [1]

Known Wielders Edit

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