White Woman

The White Woman

The White Woman was an Ubume, a "wailing white woman" , that wandered through Kyuden Togashi. Her appearance was either as a pregnant woman, or a woman wearing all white and drenched in blood. She was also said to have walked the halls crying out: "My baby... Where is my baby?" Her face was beautiful, and those who attempted to approach the specter would wake up the next morning with no recollection of the events the previous night. The only sign that anything had happened to them was that their hair and skin had turned a pale shade of white. [1]

Togashi Yokuni Edit

The only time that the face of the Dragon Clan Champion Togashi Yokuni had been seen was during an appearance of the White Woman. An old monk witnessed Yokuni meeting with the White Woman in the gardens of Kyuden Togashi. The woman approached Yokuni and fell to her knees. Yokuni removed his helmet, and as he did so the monk was blinded. [2]

Identity Edit

The identity of the White Woman was never confirmed, although the Scorpion believed it to be Togashi's wife; Bayushi Kuninoko. [3]


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