White Temple

The White Temple

The White Temple was located north of Shiro Hiruma within the purified sections of the lands of the Hiruma family. The temple was built in 1139 as a joint effort between the Hiruma and Kuni families. The Kuni used the building to conduct field research and house their library, while the Hiruma studied the Kuni's research. [1]

Shrines Edit

The temple's construction began on Tainted ground, and the purification of the site drained many Kuni Shugenja before the temple could be built. Since its construction, the White Temple became the greatest house of healing within Crab lands. The building housed shrines to Kisada and Bishamon, [2] being the largest Crab shrine devoted to the Fortune of Strength, and all its monks were sohei. [3]

Chambers of the Kuni Edit

The floors of the temple beyond the ground floor were dedicated to the art of the Kuni, research and dissection of shadowlands beasts. The Kuni's library was vast, rand every scroll was copied at least twice, with one copy going to Shiro Kuni and another sent to Kyuden Hida. [2]

Known Head Monks Edit


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