The White Guard

The White Guard

The White Guard were the most fearsome unit in all the Unicorn armies. [1]

Appearance Edit

Their armor was white and battered, ghostly white plumes and manes adorned their helmets, and their faces were painted with stark white and black in frightening masks of death. They moved with precision and relentless determination. [2]

Tradition Edit

Only Moto samurai with years of service and outstanding martial skills were accepted. All successful candidates must demonstrate truly exceptional piety. [3]

Training Edit

The White Guard were unparalleled horsemen and warriors, and studied the teachings of both the Tao and the Fortunes in their pursuit of purity. [1]

Known Techniques Edit

History Edit

Creation Edit

The unit was formed in 827 after the Battle of the Chrysanthemum Petals. When the Dark Moto, Moto Tsume, returned at the head of a Shadowlands army the Moto name was so stained that the remaining Moto formed the White Guard. They would only wear white, the color of death, and not rest until the Dark Moto had been slain for good. [4] The Moto were passionate in this quest but often underestimated the Shadowlands and many Moto on expeditions into the Shadowlands joined their brothers in the Dark Moto. [5]

Duty Edit

The White Guard patrolled the far side of the Northern Wall Mountains and the border of the Ivory Kingdoms, remaining in loose contact with the Moto Clan of the Burning Sands. [6]

March towards Otosan Uchi Edit

In 1132 shortly after the Unicorn return to Rokugan the White Guard marched against Otosan Uchi led by the Kami Shinjo and the newly appointed Unicorn Clan Champion Moto Gaheris. [7]

Destruction of the Dark Moto Edit

In 1133, Gaheris, Otaku Kamoko, and Shinjo all combined their forces to destroy both Moto Tsume and the Dark Moto in the Shadowlands. With the help of the Kami, accompanied by the Moto from the Burning Sands, the Moto name was finally cleansed. The Moto family then ascended to become the new leaders of the Unicorn. [8]

Lords of the Death Edit

Since the Shi-Tien Yen-Wang worship returned to the Unicorn, the White Guard became pious followers of these gaijin gods. [9]

Khol Edit

The White Guard was a position of great honor, as only the fiercest, bravest warriors of the Moto family had a chance of being selected for this position. They were part of the Unicorn Clan Champion Moto Chagatai's personal army, the Khol. Their barracks were located inside Shiro Moto, the Unicorn capital, tended by a handful of monks, allowing the Guards to devote themselves fully to training and meditation. [10]

Khan's Defiance Edit

In 1169 in the Battle of Toshi Ranbo the White Guard held against the lion while the baraunghar performed a ritual that teleported Moto Chagatai's armies just outside the Imperial City, in the final part of the Khan's Defiance. [11]

Colonies Edit

Units of the White Guard were sent to the Colonies, where they fought the Cult of Ruhmal alongside with the Iweko's Conquerors in 1198. [12]

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