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Whispers of the Stars

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Whispers of the Stars
Created by: Tsunagari,
Hoshi no Musaboru
First used by: Tsunagari
Currently in the possession of: Unkown

Whispers of the Stars was a Kaidanshu, a cursed nemuranai of words awakened by the rogue Ishiken-do Tsunagari, which she believed was the legacy of Hoshi no Musaboru, an ancient entity which supposedly haunted the ruins of Nazo Mori. The Kaidanshu was insidious in its subtlety, and its words were a confusing array of nonsense, leaving the reader with a profound sense of disquietude. Its victims became aware of Nazo Mori as an inherent danger and believed the only way to avert the dark gaze of the forest was to share the tale. It grew in a raising paranoia around the forest. [1]


  1. Book of Void, p. 178

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