Western Works Village was a productive Crane artisan community. Crane people said that this village, so near to the Scorpion Clan border was the proof that difficulties were a source of creativity. The village was indeed situated East of the Hare Clan town of Kudo and South-East of the Scorpion bandit village of Shutai. All three were simultaeously attacked by Kali-Ma's Destroyer army and Western Works Village was assaulted [1] in the month of the Hare of 1173. [2]

Deestroyed Edit

Concealed throughout the village Mizugusuri elixirs had been planted, without the knowledge of the villagers or even the Empire forces. When the Destroyers were inside, the Scorpion known as the Sensei magically opened the wards that sealed the smaller containers. When the liquids mixed it provoked an explosion that destroyed the village and its invaders. [3]


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