The West Wing was the West part of the Hundred Stances Dojo.

The Servants Quarters Edit

Due to the distance of the dojo from the nearest village, the servants must be housed on-site. All of them, vassals of the Seppun, originally hailed from Roaring Thunder Village. [1]

Known Leaders of the Servants Edit

The Armory Edit

The Lion who rebuilt the dojo mad ean armory and attending smithy when the place first came under assault of the Scorpion. In an open room supplies for maintaining and caring for swords were stored, and the back room, was home of the smithy originally built by the Lion, for more extensive care or repairs. [1]

Known Armorer Edit

The Baths Edit

During the Lion administration of the dojo it was found small underground spring of great purity. The Seppun administrators made of it both a well and a bath-house, a place for hygiene and relaxation. The bath's chambers were divided into male and female sections by shoji screens in the outer rooms and a wooden barricade in the main soaking pool. [2]

Known Bath Caretakers Edit

The Restaurant Edit

Due to the Dojo's high attendance, it usually remained open though most of the day. It was a high-roofed one-story room with several exits to the nearby corridors, with separate tables for each Great Clan. Members of the Imperial Families could sit wherever they chose. Minor Clan samurai had to request the patronage of a Great Clan to be granted a place, and was rare for ronin to be granted entrance to the Dojo at all. [2]

Known Restaurant Caretaker Edit


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