The Well of the Cobra was a pool located in the Cobra city of Vyakarana. It was filled with the blood shed from the birth of each new Cobra, and when they died, the Cobra souls were drawn by their blood, to rejoin these pools instead to go through the Akasha. The Cobra eggs were washed in the Well, in a ritual which made the Cobra souls to reborn in Cobra bodies. [1] If a Naga passed many incarnations in this way he became insane, inbred, isolated, and unable to see the whole of the world. [2]

Process Edit

Each Cobra bled seven drops of their blood into the wells during their first molting, before the Cobra allowed them to leave the city of Vyakarana. Enchanted with a powerful spell the souls of those who returned were reborn within the Akasha, but safe from expanding within the eternal souls of the Naga race. [3]


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