The Weavers were a juzimai of Kolat ronin assassins who wore the guise of basket merchants. They were swift, efficient and professional. They completed their contracts and nerver revealed the name of their client even under torture. Through the Weavers the Kolat Masters obtained a long list of disreputable people that could be blackmailed when the time was right. The Kolat also used the Weavers as an additional source of income. [1]

Ox Clan Edit

In an attempt to remove the Kolat from their operations the Weavers set out to find a place they could call their own. This would make them far less of a resource to the Kolat. They found a willing lord in the Ox Clan Champion Morito who offered them the fief of a small town in exchange for their fealty. Later they had created their own home and dojo, instituting their own trade routes and services. Although they still trained their members in assassination, they had not accepted any contracts since their exposure. They were unaware that Morito was in fact one of the Kolat Masters. [2]

Training Edit

An initiate of the Weavers must show promise in two areas; commerce and assassination. Because of their secrecy however it was difficult to find new members, and the Weavers were therefore one of the smallest well-known gatherings of ronin. Occasionally an innocent patsy in the form of a dismissed merchant or financially inclined retainer found employment with the Weavers. Membership with the Weavers was almost exclusively by invitation only, when the superiors of the group had spotted talent. Their instincts had yet to be proven wrong, which was fortunate for the recruits as they would had to be silenced when the Weavers revealed their true identity during the recruitment.Their training would stress the finer nuances of both trading and murder. [2]

Final Membership Edit

In a ritual that could only be described as bizarre the initiate became a fully fledged member. The ritual involved conducting business with a challenging client, only to kill the client and retrieve whatever was sold the following night. This form of a gempukku ceremony had served the Weavers well. [2]

Sensei Edit

As with many ronin brotherhoods the sensei of the dojo was also their leader. The sudden additions of holdings and a dojo caused the leader of the Weavers, who never considered taking the title of sensei, to find it very appropriate. [2]

Notable Sensei Edit

Known Tehcniques Edit


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