Way of the Ninja

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Way of the Ninja is sourcebook for the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying game published in 2002, detailing the more shadowy duties of many samurai in Rokugan. Despite the name, most of the book deals with shinobi and various other organisations; ninja in the strict Rokugani sense only make up a very small part of the material. Unlike Way of the Samurai and Way of the Shugenja it doesn't deal with each of the Great Clans, presenting instead major players in spies and assassins in each chapter. It includes mechanics for the Second Edition as well as the d20 version of the RPG. The events in the book take place as later as Spring 1159.



Introduction (page 4)Edit

Chian 2

Shosuro Chian

The Scorpion (page 25)Edit

Bayushi Churai 2

Bayushi Churai

The Kolat (page 41)Edit

Master Tiger

Master Tiger

  • The Kolat teach their assassins a few unique techniques: the Tiger's Claw make them especially deadly against unaware foes, while the Steal the Light Technique permits them to blind or deafen foes.
  • The Oni's Eye is a powerful artifact allowing it's wielder to spy on almost anyone, and communicate with Oni's Tears.

The Goju (page 51)Edit

  • Fiction: A Goju asks for a terrible price after killing Hida Yoshiteru.
  • The Goju and Ninube were once the faceless servants of the Lying Darkness. After its destruction, the became minions of the Shadow Dragon. They have adopted and made true the legends originally intended to distract from the true ninja.
  • The Goju cannot procreate, and instead twist others to become one of them.
  • With their increased independence, the Goju now have a sensei, Goju Shingo, a fallen Phoenix.
  • Notable Goju students include the former Geisha, Goju Oharu, and the Obsidian Champion, Goju Kyoden.
  • Besides the powers granted by Nothing, the Goju also have their own Goju Ninja school.

Minor Ninja Dojo (page 59)Edit

The Art of Silence (page 67)Edit

Daidoji Mihoko 2

Daidoji Mihoko

Enemies of the Ninja (page 77)Edit

Equipment of the Ninja (page 87)Edit

Shadow Warrior Secrets (page 93)Edit

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Ikoma Sume