Way of the Daimyo

Way of the Daimyo Cover

Way of the Daimyo is a Second Edition sourcebook for Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game including mechanics for the Second Edition as well as the d20 version of the RPG. It details the path of the courtier and high-ranking characters in the empire of Rokugan. The options presented within allow characters to command courts, armies, cities, provinces, or even the Empire itself.

Credits Edit

  • Writing: Shawn Carman, Jed Carleton, Rob Dake, Chris Hand, Kim Hosmer, Seth Mason, Aaron Medwin, Fred Wan, Rich Wulf, Brian Yoon
  • Editor: D.J. Trindle
  • Additional Editing: Katie Yates
  • Creative Director: Mark Jelfo
  • Art Director: jim pinto
  • Graphic Designer: Mario Rivas
  • Cover Artist: William O'Connor
  • Interior Artists: Cris Dornaus
  • Typesetter: Mario Rivas
  • Chief of Operations: Maureen Yates
  • Brand Manager: Raymond Lau
  • Production Manager: Mary Valles
  • Layout and Graphic Design based on work by: Cynthia Fliege & Dawn Murin
  • Playtesters: Mikel Burns, Ryan Carman, Jacobe Callahan, Jed Carleton, Jacob Chearham, Andy Cowell, Robert Dake, Joel Parker Kinstle, Chris Lesinsky, Paul Meador, Dan Moenster, Christopher Osborn, Marc Quintard, Matthew Schenck, Sam Sheddan, Cynthia Steward, Louis Veal

Table of Contents Edit

Introduction (Page 4) Edit

Chapter One: The Provincial Governor (Page 15) Edit

Imperial Bureaucrat

Imperial Bureaucrat

New Path: Governor

Chapter Two: The Ambassador (Page 31) Edit

New Path: Hatamoto

  • Web of Influence
  • Allies
  • Contingencies
  • Courtly Events
  • Using the Ambassador (and other political characters) in your campaign

Chapter Three: The Warlord (Page 43) Edit

Hiruma Todori 5

Hiruma Todori

New Path: Gunso New School: Master General

  • Army Creation
  • Mass Battle Rules
  • Maneuvers
  • The Tides of War
  • Campaign Ideas

Chapter Three: The Master Sensei (Page 59) Edit

New Path: Master Sensei

Chapter Four: Keeper of the Temple (Page 75) Edit

Keeper of the Temple

Keeper of the Temple

New Path: Master Keeper

Chapter Five: Creating New Schools (Page 91) Edit

  • Appendix: Creating New Schools
    • Creating a School in your Campaign
  • Appendix: Creating a Minor Clan