The Waterfall Hermit was an old man periodically encountered in the Dragon mountains.

Encounters Edit

One such story had a samurai encountering the old man in the middle of the 11th century, and the old hermit showed grat interest in bushido and the fortunes. The samurai began to contemplate the questions he had been asked, and some years later the samurai is forced to take command and successfully does so thanks to the lessons he had learned from the Hermit. Another encounter with the hermit tells of a shugenja who late in the 11th century was wrestled by an old man stronger than he appeared and who melted into water when the shugenja tried killing him.[1]

Rumors Edit

Rumors began surfacing that the hermit was a ghost of a great samurai, or even Shinsei himself. Some even thought him to be a fortune or elemental spirit.[1]

Research conducted by the Asako family showed that the Hermit appeared every ten years.[2]


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