Water Dragon Shrine was a small shrine built by Shingon monks in the shores of Dragon Lake. [1]

Legends Edit

Legend held that after the Thunder Dragon fell in love with Hida, the Water Dragon hid his heart at the lake's bottom so that he would never need fear losing his powers to mortals. So long as the lake was clear, the dragon would remain strong and powerful. [1]

Tradition Edit

Each day the monks filed out to the water's edge and begin a twelve-hour chant intended to maintain peace and purity for the dragon's heart. The monks had maintained this shrine since the fledging Fox Clan ruled these lands. [1]

History Edit

Clan War Edit

Yogo Junzo's Army attacked the shrine during the Clan War, cutting down the monks. Still they chanted, till only one remained. As he was about to fall, Shinjo Yokatsu arrived with an army of Shinjo Bushi and drove the Horde into Dragon Heart Forest. [1]

Corruption Edit

In 1160 a group of Maho-tsukai began to craft corrupted nemuranai, casting the debris of their work into the lake, causing corruption to spread through the water. The monks' daily rituals rendered the lake pure, but each day angry kansen stole away one of the monk's voice. The mysterious illness that robbed their voice would leave them unable to perform the daily rites, but a group of samurai found the cause and wiped the tsukai down. [2]

Known Masters Edit


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