Watchtower of the River of the Unexpected Hero

Watchtower of the River of the Unexpected Hero (U24)

The Watchtower of the River of the Unexpected Hero (U24) was located in the Enkaku province, a small Moto province beyond the Ide lands. [1] After construction began on the Khol Wall, the Watchtower served as the wall's southern headquarters. [2]

Appearance Edit

The Watchtower was an extremely tall fortress almost 100 feet high made of dark blue stone. Built in the middle of a vast, open field some distance north of the great Shinomen Forest. It was extremely broad at its base and narrowing only gradually. An interior staircase connected the various levels, many of which served as barracks. [3]

Garrisoned Edit

Originally, the garrison was comprised of Ide troops, but in the 12th century they were replaced. [2] An entire legion was appointed there to defend this area from any possible attack from the Shadowlands, [4] fondly nicknamed the Unexpected Legion. A samurai stationed at the watchtower could see for miles on a clear day. In the event of a Shadowlands assault there were more Unicorn samurai stationed here than any other fortification. They were heavily armed and drilled and trained constantly, leaving the lands scarred by combat maneuvers in two miles in all directions. [5]


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