Watchtower of the East

Watchtower of the East (CB19)

The Watchtower of the East (CB19) was built in the Junkin province [1] to guard against the Crane. It marked the eastern edge of the Carpenter Wall, and despite it was in Yasuki territory, the Kaiu had taken over administration of this tower. The stationing here was considered a great honor as it would mean that one was completely trusted by one's champion and considered worthy of guarding the lands of two clans. [2]

Appearance Edit

The original watchtower grew in size and complexity, strengthened and eventually became the citadel of a substantial castle. At about the time of the Second Yasuki War a set of walls and an outer wall were added. The only approach to the main gale was sunk into the ground, forming a canyon that allowed plunging missile fire onto unwelcome visitors. The castle was designated the headquarters of the Army of the East, and its Fifth through Eighth Legions formed the garrison there. [3]

Second Yasuki War Edit

During the Second Yasuki War this tower was the point to which the army routed by Hida O-Ushi's death retreated. More recently, the tower came to represent the border between Crab lands and those lands seized by Akodo Kaneka, the self-proclaimed Shogun. [4]

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Watchtower of the East 2

Watchtower of the East (CB19)


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