Watanabe family 
Patron family: Yoritomo family 
Clan: Mantis Clan 
Founded: 12th century 
Daimyo: Watanabe

The Watanabe family was a vassal family in service to the Yoritomo family of the Mantis Clan. Officially, this small family was home to the most talented kobune makers of the Mantis Clan. [1]

Duty Edit

The ancestral home of the Watanabe was Beautiful Dawn Port, just north of Toshi no Inazuma. The Watanabe existed to do more than simply build ships, it consisted entirely of members of the bloodlines of Gusai, the first Mantis Clan Champion to earn the clan a family name. Those of Gusai blood maintained their broth­erhood when their family was stricken from history, being a de facto vassal family of the Yoritomo. Yoritomo Aramasu patroned the Watanabe to shelter the descendants of the disgraced Gusai family. [2]

Watanabe Daimyo Edit

Watanabe Builders

Watanabe Builders

The following were the known daimyo of the Watanabe:

Watanabe  ? - ? (12th century)

Other Notable Members Edit

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