Wasting Disease

The Wasting Disease is Released

The Wasting Disease was the plague released by the first Black Scroll, named the Wasting Disease, which was opened by Yogo Junzo in 1123. It was a deadly disease that brought misery and death to all who contracted it. [1]

Outbreaks Edit

Junzo opens the Wasting Disease

Junzo opens the Wasting Disease

Phoenix Lands Edit

The earliest outbreak happened in the village of Kirei Mura. Monks skilled in healing arrived five days later to find everyone in the village dead. A week later, everyone in the monastery was dead as well, with the exception of one young nun and one of the original village runners, both of whom were strangely immune. [2]

Crane Lands Edit

The next outbreak occurred a week later at Shiro Banken, a new Daidoji fortress built near the ruins of Shiro Yogo. A week later, the plague had killed everyone in the fortress except for a young samurai named Daidoji Karasu, who recovered with no lasting effects. [2]

Empire Edit

In 1125 the plague was spreading beyond the Phoenix and Crane provinces, [3] like wildfire, aided by a severe drought that lowered the population's resistance. Rats and other vermin became carriers for the disease. Within months, the Wasting Disease was killing Rokugani by the hundreds. The disease eventually swept through Otosan Uchi, killing many members of the Imperial Court. [2]

Treatment Edit

No treatment, natural or magical stopped the contagion or the effects. Infected areas were placed under quarantine, with red "X" symbols painted on every home and approaching roads so that no one entered the area. Dead bodies were burned, and sometimes, villages were set to fire while the infected still lived. [2]

Symptons Edit

Contracting the Wasting Disease was almost invariably fatal. The disease spread via transmission of fluids, and the most common method of infection was via rat bites. Rodents, including nezumi, were entirely immune to the disease, but could carry it. An exposed individual immediately began to incubate, spreading to the body's lymph nodes causing them to swell within hours. Within a day, the victim is struck with debilitating fever and sometimes raving delirium. Within two days, oozing sores covered the body, skin became pale. Within three days, the victim's saliva became bright red with blood and flowed freely. After four days, breathing became labored and the victim's sores began to bleed, and usually the victim died at this point, his lungs collapsed. [4]

War of Fire and Thunder Edit

The scroll later came into the possession of the Bloodspeaker Asako Kinuye, who used it on a Phoenix village before planting it on a Mantis Clan vessel.[5] This incited the War of Fire and Thunder.

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