Please note: This article is about the word for paper. For other uses of the term, please see Washi (disambiguation).

Washi was the Rokugani word for paper. It was used to paste wooden frames and Shoji screens, to wrap clothing and gifts, to make lamps, and as a medium for writing. It was an expensive good, so reuse of paper was usual. [1] The art of origami required paper as raw material. [2]

Paper Manufacture Edit

Paper was manufactured from the bark of a mulberry tree, laboriously steamed and stripped from the branches. The inner layer of soft white fibers was heated in an alkaline solution before being rinsed in cold water. After cleansing any impurities, the fibers were beaten into a pulp which was mixed with water and vegetable mucilage. The resultant material was spread across a bamboo screen and shaken to remove excess water. After drying, it became washi. [2]


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