The Warrior of the Pale Eye was a Naga boy who had the favor of the Pale Eye. [1] When a Naga was called to take this title, it was a dread omen to the Naga race. [2]

Akasha mind is revealed Edit

Legends said the Naga were five different races in the time of the Qatol, who led his people to conquer and subjugate the rest. Eventually representatives of the Five met for first time, and the peaceful Constrictor champion, a young Naga, faced the Warrior of the Bright Eye, the Qatol, and challenged him during Qatol's attempted unification of the Naga race. Qatol recognized the wisdom in the boy, and as the two shook hands all naga were gifted with a singular knowledge. Voices and visions filled their mind and the Akasha was revealed to them at last. [3]

"No, Qatol, only together can we guide the people. Ours is not the place of rulers, not the purpose of war. For the Naga, there can be only peace."
-Warrior of the Pale Eye

The Qatol and the Warrior were the twin eyes of The One: Pale and Bright, known and unknown. [4]

Reincarnation Edit

The Warrior was reincarnated in Oseuth in the 12th century. [5]


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