Blessed Ward

Blessed Ward

Ward Magic, Kuwasu, was the practice of erecting magical barriers that prevented others from entering a particular area. [1]

Yogo Ward Magic Edit

In conjunction with the Kuni Shugenja, [2] kuwasu was developed by the Yogo, who were devoted to create mystical sigils, the wards, that keep out humans and creatures with Shadowlands Taint. [3] The Whispered Secret Dojo was the most renowned school that taught this magic. [4]

Black Scrolls Edit

As guardians of the Black Scrolls, the Yogo family had done a great deal of research creating magic that would keep out those who wished to break the Scrolls' bloody seals. [2]

Ritual Edit

There were two kinds of wards: elemental wards and Shadowlands wards. The shugenja drawing the ward with the calligraphic character for what he wished the ward to guard against. After it the caster chanted, which passed a bit of his own energy into the symbol. Wards were usually drawn with ink onto pieces of paper. They were nailed on doorways - one side on the door and the other on the wall - to keep the door sealed shut. They might also be attached to boxes, a katana's saya, or any other object that could be opened. [2] The wards were infused with the essence of their creator, meaning that the more powerful the individual creating the ward was, the more powerful and long-lasting the ward would be. [1]

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