War of the Lost Pups
Location: Nezumi lands
Date: 651 [1]
Major Forces: Squeaky Eyeball Tribe,
Tattered Ear Tribe
Generals: Unknown
Battles of Rokugan

The War of the Lost Pups was one of the bloodiest inter-tribal nezumi conflicts, which began upon one of the few things that the Nezumi were passionate enough to fight over, their offspring. [2]

Preamble Edit

Scouts from the Squeaky Eyeball Tribe found a pair of dead Nezumi in the wilderness of the Shadowlands, apparently killed by goblins. They returned with a quartet of newborn Ratling pups, who had survived beneath their parents' corpses. The tribe took in the pups, as their dead father had been a member before he was exiled for hoarding food. [2]

Open Conflict Edit

The chieftain of the Squeaky Eyeball was given a message from the Tattered Ear Tribe, who claimed that the pups were the children of an exile of their tribe and should be returned to them. The chieftain refused, and soon, squabbling between scouting parties quickly degenerated into open fighting. [2]

Truce Edit

Over the period of two months, dozens of Nezumi on either side were killed senselessly. Finally the Hiruma stepped in, and the tribal elders agreed to place two of the pups with each tribe, thereby continuing their parents' lineage and assuaging both tribes. [2]

Aftermath Edit

In later years, these pups would go on to serve as elders in each tribe, and were responsible for healing the rift. Ochi'kir of the Tattered Ear and Min'kir of the Squeaky Eyeball were remembered by both tribes for their wisdom, and both were among the ranks of the mysterious Transcendent. [2]


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