War Dog Master Dojo

War Dog Master Dojo

The War Dog Master Dojo was a small cluster of old wooden buildings several miles to the south of Shinden Horiuchi, about half way to Shiro Iuchi, in the foothills of the Spine of the World Mountains. Those Unicorn samurai who felt a strong kinship with the Ki-rin war-dogs were trained there. The Forty-Fifth and Forty-Seventh Junghar Legions regularly patrolled this area. [1] This structure was not affected by the destruction that happened in several settlements of the province during the Destroyer War, to halt the spread of a plague. [2]

Tradition Edit

Some students who failed to earn the trust and leadership of a pack of Ki-Rin war dogs became artisans, specialist armorers, who designed and produced barding for the dogs. [3]

Sensei Edit

The most experienced handlers of these animals became sensei of the dojo, and responsible for the early training of the Ki-Rin war dogs. [3]


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