Wanizame no Oni, the Finned Maw, was an aquatic oni of the Shadowlands which was seen in the Sea of Shadows, [1] as well as in the rivers and Coastal waters of the Shadowlands. [2]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Wanizame no Oni was a sea oni which resembled a giant hammerhead shark, but at the base of their dorsal fins was a distorted human face with milky gray, reflective eyes, whic could cause a human to be paralyzed. [3] When the oni was bearing down on prey, the face screamed aloud whenever it emerged from the water. They were usually solitary hunters, although sometimes they had cooperated to bring down larger targets, as Crab vessels. [1] Their only weakness was their strong aversion to light, and they avoided shallow water during the day. [2]

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