Golden Sun Bay

Golden Sun Bay (LL)

The Bay of the Golden Sun (LL) was the harbor of Otosan Uchi, the former Imperial Capital. It used to be a bustling area for trade and travel, but had seen little traffic since the destruction of Otosan Uchi. The only activity were some peasant fishing vessels and Tortoise ships, [1] the guardians of the bay. [2]

Name Edit

The bay's name came from the setting sun that casted the bay and city remained in a majestic golden shine. It was not uncommon for the survivors in Otosan Uchi who had refused to leave to gather and enjoy the brief moment of beauty. [1]

Notable Places Edit

In the entrance were the Peninsula of Dawn and the Peninsula of Sunset, which formed the called Antlers of the White Stag, and their light houses guided the ships into the bay. [3] The Tortoise Port of the Golden Sun occupied the southern inlet of the bay. [4]

Conflicts Edit

Battle of Raging Seas Edit

In 442 the Battle of Raging Seas was fought between a Thrane gaijin fleet and the Empire. [5]

Kisada's Blockade Edit

In 1128 Hida Kisada sent a Crab fleet for sea deployment in the shores of Otosan Uchi. Kisada loaded his army onto the war barges and proceeded to sail unopposed along the coast to the Imperial Palace. [6]

Dark Covenant of Earth Edit

In 1158 hortly after Katsu forced Yasuki Nokatsu, the Dark Oracle of Earth to rebuild the Sunset Tower with the Dark Covenant of Earth, the ronin threw it to the bay. [7]

Fall of Otosan Uchi Edit

In 1159 in the Fall of Otosan Uchi the Protector of the Imperial City, Ikoma Otemi defeated the Shadowlands ships commanded by the undead Garen from his own ship, the Deathless, sinking Garen's flahgship the Revenant. [8]

Fall of Iuchiban Edit

In 1166 the shadowlands fleet sailed once more time to the bay, but this time to fight Iuchiban. The Heartless was surrounded by a massive Lion and Crab army led by the returned spirit and Fortune of Persistence, Kisada. [9]


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